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    Asset Management

    RFID Technology is the future of asset management and the most secure data gathering tool. Designed with customers in mind, Century is taking RFID tag designs to new levels to meet the ever-changing performance and design demands of the market. Century is set to provide the best possible solutions as the industry grows.

    Industrial Asset Management

    RFID Technology brings automatic asset tracking and cost-effective asset management to the industrial environment. Century provides a series of on- metal RFID Tags and labels, for metal assets management in the industrial environment. With multiple sizes available, the on-metal tags and labels can be easily mounted on different metallic surfaces, and maintain consistent and durable performance.

    IT Asset Management

    Future applications for RFID in IT asset management demonstrate the solution’s far-reaching capabilities. Manufacturers may produce servers with embedded RFID tags so that companies can better manage maintenance and define their IT asset’s life-cycle. Regular updates, schedules, and costs will be easier to track and more easily defined. Companies will have a better handle on how and when to issue work-orders for maintenance, thereby empowering them to better control costs and minimize downtime.

    General Assets Management

    General assets in enterprises, the library or the laboratory are hard to manage or maintain without systematic management. Century provides RFID tags and labels which are specially designed for asset tracking and inventory counting. It can largely improve inventory visibility and reduce labor hours. Century’s RFID tags and labels have a wide range of format which offers the optimal solutions for items that are difficult or too small to tag items.